Friday, 28 August 2020

Helpful professors and comprehensive equipment at BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – interview with Gao Min


Gao Min, an alumna of Guangxi University, China, is a PhD student of BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering researches retina stimulation opportunities at the Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics.

 We talked not only about her research topic, but also her favourite Hungarian dishes and places in Budapest.

'As a master student, I had a dream to study on PhD level abroad. My husband applied and received the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. Then we decided to come to Hungary together. It was an easy task to choose BME as an optical engineer, as there is a well-known department focusing on optics at the university (BME MOGI). Here I met my supervisor, Dr. Balázs Vince Nagy, researcher of human vision.' More

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

’We have to be realistic about the social-economical aspects of technological development’

Ákos Gyenge
In the competition organised by BME and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), the students of our faculty won two of four categories. 

 In the first part of the BME Mechanical Engineering Blog interview series, we talked with Ákos Gyenge, and Donát Takács, students of our faculty, as a team won the big gold of the competition with their work in the category ’Smart cities and sustainable lifestyle’. Interview.

'The whole work was a great professional challenge: although I attended a few university lectures regarding urbanism, I have never delved into the topic this deeply before. However, the most challenging aspect was something else: considering the economic and social effects in the long term of novel, exciting solutions. The results of the current, rapid technological development are undoubtedly impressive, but the last decades have proven that  these developments can have unexpected yet significant social and ecological consequences. Moreover, the development of a city has a much larger inertia, than e.g. the smartphone market does: urban developments are hard to reverse and usually have long-term effects.' More


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

’I projected tech issues on economic processes, covering business and legal aspects as well’

In the competition organised by BME and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) the students of our faculty won two of four categories.

In the second part of the BME Mechanical Engineering Blog interview series, we talked with Balázs Riskutia, the winner of the category Platform Economy: AI, robotics and green technologies.


What was the biggest challenge in this project?


Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge was the research through the various types of literature. Platform economy as a topic is discussable from several points of view. I got to the result with the help of legal, technological, IT, economy and business review articles. To be satisfied by an abstract, general platform model is definitely tempting. But we can only see the big picture of the platform economy if we get to know the technological processes that led to its emergence, if recognise its integration in the institutionalised society and if we can follow how the platform economy creates novel business models for companies. On the whole, the challenge was to collect a set of articles with appropriately diverse approaches from which one can still construct a unified view for the reader.  More

Monday, 10 August 2020

Startup of BME energy engineering students makes a revolution in the e-mobility

Four of BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering students, launched a startup for developing an application for e-mobility navigation. This startup was born as a project not only winning the MVM Edison energy startup contest but also receiving investment from a subsidiary. Interview with Kornél Kálmán, co-founder of Volteum.

 What has inspired you to develop the application?


Kornél Kálmán: In the current Volteum team, four of the founders are contributing, and all started at BME on Energy Engineering BSc programme. We have got to know each other at the Student Association of Energy on BME, where we participated in various projects and also the management of the association. Besides our studies, we were also curious about the challenges and current development directions. We always have wanted to be part of these, so we got into the rapidly growing e-mobility sector. More