Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Robot sound research to be tested with a waiter robot

Emotional expression of robots was examined in a recent study participated by BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechatronics, Optics, and Mechanical Engineering Informatics (BME-GPK MOGI). The result was made in international cooperation of researchers, institutes and research groups on robotics and ethology. The examination is going to be tested with a waiter robot. The first author of the paper, published in Scientific Reports, published by the prestigious Nature, was Beáta Korcsok (left), assistant lecturer of the BME-GPK MOGI Department. Interview with professor Péter Korondi (right), a member of the project. More

Thursday, 2 July 2020

A forgotten XX. century mechanical engineer from BME, with world sucess

Béla Karlovitz, born in 1904 in Pápa, Hungary, graduated as a mechanical engineer at BME. His brilliance is surpassed by other Hungarian minds, such as Theodor von Kármán , and our nuclear scientists. Nevertheless, he was a prominent figure in combustion science; also, he invented the magnetohydrodynamic generator.
Despite, only a little could be found about him, even in the archives. More