Thursday, 29 October 2020

Aiming high-quality education, with empathy towards students


Dr Szabolcs Berezvai graduated on PhD level in July 2020, and he is already rated as the most excellent lecturer of BME, out of nearly one thousand lecturers, and gained the honours of the Best Lecturer of BME. Interview with Szabolcs Berezvai, the senior lecturer of BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Applied Mechanics. More

Monday, 26 October 2020

'During planning phase, getting to know the future user is essential'

The thesis of our freshly graduated industrial design MSc student, Boglárka Duray, was published on the Hungarian-language architecture and design portal ’Octogon’. 

Her design was about a product family of office lamps, called Glide. She is not only an outstanding designer but also tried herself in various fields of engineering. Interview with Boglárka Duray. More

Friday, 16 October 2020

'I believe in the power of motivation, and the child-like curiosity' - interview with Dr Attila Csobán

 'A man made of gold' 'Absolutely helpful' 'Csobán for president' – and we can read several similar, enthusiastic opinions about him on a popular, lecturer scoring portal. Dr Attila Csobán, senior lecturer of BME Department of Machine and Product Design, who was given the ’Excellent Lecturer of BME’ prize, based on the survey filled by students. 

How did you take this honour? 

Attila Csobán: I became delighted. I am very proud of it. I was having a look at my mailbox, and my eyes fell on a mail sent by Zsombor Pollák, who was the president of the student council at the time, telling me, that I gained this award. It was a warm, pleasant feeling. When lecturers leave academic life without transferring their complete knowledge, it is my most tremendous heartache. It is an honour itself that I can teach. More