'I have gained enormous knowledge from my professors and my different soft and technical skills have improved.' - Interview with Mohammad Darwish

Mohammad Darwish is an MSc student studying Mechanical Engineering Modeling at BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. We asked him about his experiences regarding Budapest and BME.

First of all, tell us some details about your background, and where you come from!

I am from Jordan, well known for its rich history. Petra is one of the seven wonders in the world. My city Zarqa, where I grew up, has a fair weather. During my childhood, my favorite hobby was playing football and I have not missed any chance of joining campaigns. Growing up I became keener on reading than playing football. Always details caught my attention, how things are moving, and I always asked why. I used to love finding a solution for challenging problems. From this point, I have decided to join the mechanical engineering department at Al-Balqa Applied University.

In 2018, I graduated among the top 10 of my class. Afterward, I applied to the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship to pursue my higher education at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Where did you hear about BME? 

The first time I heard about BME was from my older brother, he is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering at BME. Then, after a deep dive into the internet, I fell in love with BME's historical buildings and location in the heart of Budapest, right at the Danube. Although I had a good job in my home country, I wanted to become a student at this reputable university.

What did studying at BME has given you? 

During my MSc, I have gained enormous knowledge from my professors and my different soft and technical skills have improved. In my first year, there were plenty of events organized by the International Mentor Team of BME where we visited so many spectacular places and landmarks in Budapest. Meeting people in BME empowered me to form strong friendships that I believe will last for a long time. 

What did you think about Budapest, when you first arrived here? When I arrived in Budapest in 2019, I was amazed by the Danube River, where the bridges lay along it. 

List five things you love in Budapest! Margaret Island is my favorite place, where I used to do some jogging there. The diversity in Budapest is fascinating; people from different cultural backgrounds are here. I should not forget to mention how friendly and welcoming are the Hungarian people. The public transportation in the city is impressive, too. My favorite building is the Hungarian Parliament, which is the most captivating building I have ever seen. The city is dynamic, full of cultural events, and known worldwide for the best hot baths experience. Many of the thermal baths in Budapest are more than 400 years-old. There are much more things to delight you in the city!

What are the main differences between your home country and Hungary? Starting with the weather, Jordan’s climate ranges between a Mediterranean to a desert climate, while Hungary has a continental climate. Also, Jordanian cuisine is rich of Levantine dishes; however, the Hungarian cuisine is unique and different.

Do you have, for instance, a favourite Hungarian food? There are some delicious Hungarian foods such as goulash, lángos. When talking about food, trying the Hungarian chimney cake "Kürtőskalács" is a must. 

You have a collaboration with Dr Viktor Józsa. Tell us some details about the joint work!

After I attended one of the subjects taught by Dr. Viktor Józsa. I wanted to do my MSc thesis under his supervision. My thesis is based on experiments in the laboratory, where we had a collaboration. The results have been published in a prestigious journal. During this period, Dr. Józsa gave me his full support and always encouraged me to seek more knowledge. He is a great professor and supportive at any time I need help. 

What do you plan after obtaining your master’s degree?

After my education in Budapest, I received an offer to work in a well-known company in the industry. I am so happy to start my career here in Hungary to gain practical experiences and skills.

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